Mega Lifesciences to list on Stock Exchange of Thailand
Thursday, Aug 29, 2013

Mega Lifesciences to list on Stock Exchange of Thailand

Thursday, Aug 29, 2013

Mega Lifesciences Public Company Limited, a leading producer of high-quality nutraceuticals, prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines, has announced its intention to list on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Mega Lifesciences is composed of two divisions: Mega We Care, which focuses on manufacturing, sales, and marketing; and Maxxcare, which focuses on distribution.

Announcing the company’s strategy, Vivek Dhawan, CEO & Chief Coach, Mega Lifesciences Public Company Limited said: “Mega has enjoyed great success through organic growth over the past 26 years, from an initial portfolio of only a few products to 627 active product registrations today, and our branded products being sold in 29 countries.

“Listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand will allow us to further invest in new opportunities to grow as a company and in the region, including the possibility to acquire brands, expand into new markets and develop new products.

“With market-leading capabilities in manufacturing and production, strong and strategic positions in rapidly growing markets, and a demonstrated track record of growth the time is right for Mega Lifesciences to welcome new investors through the Stock Exchange of Thailand.”

About Mega Lifesciences’ Leadership in Indochina

With over 3500 staff across Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia, the Indochina region makes up more than three quarters of the company’s workforce and more than 75 per cent of its revenue.
In Thailand, the company’s top products include its Nat B, Nat C, and Fish Oil capsules, which are the best-selling products in their category, as well as Gofen, the country’s number-one selling brand of ibuprofen.

Mega Lifesciences has been a pioneer in the Myanmar market since 1995, and is the largest distributor of pharmaceuticals, vitamins and supplements, and one of the leading distributors of consumer products.

About the Listing

Financial advisor & lead underwriter: Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited

Listing size 216.31 million shares (Par value: Bt0.50 each) 129.78 million will be new shares, 86.52 million from existing shareholders

Intended Ownership structure Public investors: 25%, Management: 21.23%, Private Investors: 53.77%

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