Month: October 2012

Taxpayers Recognition Award 2011

Vivek Dhawan,CEO and Chief Coach of Mega Lifesciences receives award from Yingluck Shinawatra, Prime Minister of Thailand. Mega Lifesciences was selected by the Revenue Department of thailand as the best company for being a good corporate citizen with good corporate

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Frontier Market Pioneer Thriving : Bangkok Post

Mega entered Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia in the mid-1990s at a time when multinational pharmaceutical companies were wary of all three emerging markets. Myanmar offers lots of opportunities for investors willing to accept the difficulties that come with entering new

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Mega Way of Thinking : KPMG Reach

HOW HAS INNOVATION PLAYED A ROLE IN THE GROWTH OF YOUR COMPANY? Innovation is in the way we reach out to new markets and think differently. We haven’t changed the world with a new product, but we dare to bring

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